09 April 2013

Warm & Delightful Chai Tea

I haven't entered a Starbucks in many years, because I love where I live, and I believe in local economies. And I think their coffee is gross.

Something that wasn't gross, however, was their Chai Tea Lattes. Do they still do those? They made it from a pre-made, boxed syrup that they diluted with steamed milk. It always seemed like calories dipped in chemicals and coated in a heart attack. But dang, did it taste amazing.

I spied a recent post on Bon Appetempt that made a very simple chai tea using only cardamom pods for spice, but I wanted something bolder, bigger, with more spices and complexity.

I bashed up some spices and these were the casualties. The smell knocked me right on the nose and said "yes, you are doing a good job." The sun even came out a little (only a little, this is Scotland, after all) and gifted me with a very pretty light for photos. I could tell I was onto something.

Homemade Chai Tea
Serves 2

1 small cinnamon stick
1 star anise
2 green cardamom pods
6-8 whole cloves
3 bags of black tea

Bash all the spices in a mortar & pestle.

Simply toss it all in a teapot. Add boiling water. Go away for 10 minutes.

Then warm up some milk. Pour into your mugs. Don't forget your strainer. Add a little sugar. The end. Amazing.

In other news, my friend Allison has given me a blogger award. An award with strings attached. How could you?! I thought we were friends!! The catch is -- I have to tell you a little more about myself. Actually, I have to tell you SEVEN little more things. So, here we go.

1. I have attended 6 different colleges/universities in my academic pursuits.
2. There are unfinished crochet projects hidden in at least 3 places in our flat.
3. I used to be a somewhat good flautist.
4. I have performed a vivisection on a frog. That's like a dissection, except the frog is still alive.
5. I make all of the cards I give to my boyfriend using Photoshop, because I am a secret design junkie, and I love that man beyond description -- so cards from the store (from someone else's ideas) will never do.
6. I designed and ran my first scientific experiment when I was seven years old. When my dad caught me, I got in trouble. I am a scientist today because I am still intensely curious about the world and how it works.
7. I have a teeny tiny Etsy shop for selling some of my crafty wares, with a terribly similar logo to the one on this blog!

Lastly, well, you all know the blogs I read (there's a list of them on the right-hand sidebar). Here are a few non-foodie blogs that I like.
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