26 August 2011

Creamed Corn is Amazing

Yep, another Mexican-ish thing. I need help.... can't stop..... actually if you try to get me to stop, I'll probably cut off your hand and try to make fajitas out of it. That's how hooked I am on Mexican right now.

So, I'm moving into a new flat soon, and I've got a confession to make, besides of course my addiction to green hot sauce and tomatoes and tortillas. I'm a food hoarder. Wait, "hoarder" seems like a bad word. Collector, maybe? I'm a food collector. My pantry is exploding. Please don't look in my freezer. The thing is, I don't eat a lot of food. I'm just one small person. But, I grew up on a farm, where I learned to put some of the year's bounty away for the inevitable lean years. I'm also hooked on cool ingredients for cooking and baking, and every time I see something new and exciting, I just can't help myself. I also don't want to go to the grocery store every time I get a craving for... well, anything, and I like being able to make a nice cake at a moment's notice if I have friends pop round for a chat and a cup of tea. These things combined mean that if the apocalypse does come, then I am totally set. (Sorry, Harold Camping, I didn't die a horrible death like you hoped I would, jerkface.)

With my move impending (4 weeks!) I am determined to eat the contents of my freezer. Today's mission: use that bag of frozen corn I bought three months ago and never opened.

This is amazing even using frozen corn. We really don't have good fresh sweet corn in Britain, compared to what I'm used to as an Ohio farm girl. So frozen is the way to go. If you have fresh... I'm so jealous.

Creamed Corn with Lime & Chilli
adapted from Shutterbean

abt 500g corn
knob of butter
50g cream cheese (about 1/4 of one of those little packages)
30-40 ml whole milk
juice of 1/2 lime
cayenne pepper to taste
salt to taste

Sauté corn in the butter in a big skillet over medium heat. Let it get a little brown. Yum.

Remove from heat and put the corn in a big bowl. Add in milk, cream cheese, lime juice and cayenne pepper. Toss toss toss. 

Using a handheld stick blender, pulse a few times to break up some kernels. Don't overdo it because it's all about texture here - I left lots of kernels whole while blasting the crap out of others, and it was perfect. This step also gets some starch out of the corn and will thicken the milky stuff. Mix it up some more and season with salt to your own taste.


  1. I am on a strict diet so I did not try this, but my husband said the cream cheese elevates this dish to an entirely new level. I've never heard my husband say anything like that before. Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

    1. Thanks to both of you for the sweet comment! :)