24 March 2011

Brie, Grape & Avocado Grilled Sandwich

There are some things in this world that I can't live without.  My awesome friends, nail polish, science... I'm not too high maintenance, but these things are vital.

Oh, and lunch.  I need lunch.  It's kind of important for survival... it keeps me from falling over at my desk, it keeps my tummy from rumbling while I'm trying to teach (or be taught), it keeps me awake while marking papers - instead of mumbling incoherently about how much I need a holiday while I rest my forehead on the table.

This is probably the best lunch I've had in a while.  How disappointing are the vegetarian sandwich options in and around where I work?  It's pretty depressing.  I know you were dying to know.  You're welcome.

As with many things in life, if I am dissatisfied with available options, I find it's usually better to just make the darn stuff myself.  Artwork.  Curtains.  Men (wait, what?).  And, definitely food.  Definitely.  Because only I know what I really want.  Ahem.

PS. Want another awesome vegetarian sandwich recipe?  Check out this one with sweet potato and avocado I did last year.

Brie, Grape & Avocado Grilled Sandwich
Original recipe by me!

2 slices seedy, wholegrain bread
A handful of red grapes
half an avocado
wholegrain mustard
cream cheese
a little sea salt, I use Maldon flakes here

Spread mustard on one piece of bread, cream cheese on the other, and assemble as follows, beginning with the mustardy bread on the bottom:

bread (w/ mustard)
sliced grapes
sliced avocado
bread (w/ cream cheese)

Grill in a sauté pan in a little olive oil until browned on each side, or use a sandwich press.  The end.

Makes 1 sandwich


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It looks wonderful! I will sure try it this weekend. I can imagine pairing it with a good glass of wine.

  2. This sounds delicious! Have you tried brie, chocolate and fresh basil, grilled on sourdough?

  3. Going to try this this week. Looks like a winner!

  4. What an awesome combo. Terrific recipe, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Honest to God, this is the best sandwich I have ever had! Every time I took a bite the neurons in brain fired ecstatically and my system was flooded with dopamine. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to press it. I will try to remember that step next time, as gooey brie will be even better. Sherry in Union, KY, USA

    1. Hi Sherry, that's wonderful to hear. Thanks for the comment! :)

    2. Kristen, I just realized the creamed corn I made this evening came from your blog too! You have extraordinary ideas. Thank you!

    3. Thanks, Sherry! You've made my morning!!

  6. This grilled cheese looks so delicious. Have you entered it in the Grilled Cheese Academy’s recipe showdown? If not, you should! Here’s the website: http://grilledcheeseacademy.com

  7. Oh wow, you are my kind of girl X

  8. How does the avocado hold up if you take it to work? I always hate when it turns brown and ugly.